segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

BIOGRAFIA - Silke Wagner

Born 1968, Göppingen, Germany.
The artist lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

IªBrussels Biennial: Lufthansa Deportation Class

Silke Wagner presents a broad range of forms and themes in her work. Still, her projects are based on a common principle: They explicitly refer to social, political, and ecological problems. Wagner co-operates with minority groups and initiates activities that underline publicly place into question and actively promote alteration of the situation. Her concept triggers a shift in the perception and impact of the objects, performances, and actions. The artist takes a clear political stand in her use of a minibus labelled "Lufthansa Deportation Class," provoking a national public debate about Lufthansa allowing its planes to be used for the deportation of refugees and when she provocatively appealed for couples to enter bogus marriages. But she also discusses the private level of representation, when she sparks rumours or develops a modular system, which can be used to build a piece of furniture that is functional or, if preferred, serves no purpose at all. Art serves both as a magic hat and as a tool.

Her works always trigger communication processes, offer a framework or a platform for social action. They also discuss the conditions of the art industry. "Locals only", and other projects, focus on the public space. Street skating is an example of how to appropriate and re-conquer outdoor venues.